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"The Kegelmaster is the most recommended, most proven
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kegel exerciser of its kind."

Kegelmaster Can Stop Your:

Incontinence or Prolapse, Rectocele
Unsatisfactory Orgasms
Lack of Vaginal Tightness
Severe Menstrual Cramps
Overactive Bladder

There are some BIG Kegelmaster advantages...

  • Kegelmaster can save you over $1000 every single year!
  • Save the Earth — use Kegelmaster,  don't buy refills
  • No more uncomfortable incontinence pads

Imagine You Could...   STOP Incontinence, Prolapse, Overactive Bladder and Menstrual Cramps! Improve Pregnancy and Pre-Childbirth Conditioning!

The Kegelmaster has been called a "Miracle for Women". It is truly one of the most effective devices and perhaps the only true embodiment of Dr. Arnold Kegel's original idea for the Kegel Exercise. Kegelmaster can help restore your pelvic floor health, eliminate incontinence and prolapse, prevent common vaginal health problems and increase sexual responsiveness!

In fact, I am so convinced that you will be 100% satisfied I offer you a 500% Money Back Guarantee! ~ Danette Clancy read more...

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"Every woman should have a Kegelmaster!"
T e r i    H a t c h e r ,  actress
"Many women ask me questions about improving their sex lives.
My number one suggestion is always 'Get the Kegelmaster!'
Anything that can help women experience sex like this is
a great product."
A l i s h a   K l a s s ,  actress (Bruce Willis' girlfriend)
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Can You Do Kegel Exercises Without Kegelmaster?

While you can do Kegel Exercises by yourself without a Kegel Exerciser, it's close to impossible to achieve the quality of the kegel exercises on your own, because you need resistance. Kegel exercises are much less effective without resistance!

Imagine how happy you would feel when you realize that your muscles are getting stronger.

What if you could change your life forever with your problems down there... And, what if it could DRAMATICALLY improve your SEX life?

Kegel Balls are NOT Effective!

Don’t be misled by so-called ‘professionals’ that claim that kegel balls are the best and the only tool for kegel exercises.

Kegel balls have been around for 6000 years. They were designed the way that the woman would learn to use and manipulate the stomach muscles. Tightening and twisting her stomach muscles would make the man feel amazing orgasms.

But… There’s a problem with the Ben Wa balls. The reason Ben Wa Balls are losing to Kegelmaster is because the Kegel Balls are not as accurate as the Kegelmaster.

Electric Stimulators are DANGEROUS!

Electric stimulator products can ZAP you. Stay away from these products that can hurt you.

Most Kegel Exercisers are NOT Strong Enough!

Every Kegel Exerciser has some kind of resistance to push against, but if there's no resistance, then there's no exercise. It's important to have a Kegel Exerciser that has enough of resistance, otherwise it's a waste of your time and money!

Ok, but... Is the Kegelmaster the best Kegel Exerciser out there?

Kegelmaster beats competitors. It is the #1 Rated Kegel Exerciser available today!

Watch Teri Hatcher rave about the Kegelmaster in the video below.

How Does Kegelmaster Work?

There is a tremendous number of unused muscles in the pelvic floor. Until now women were unable to exercise these muscles.

The Kegelmaster was specifically designed to cradle all the pelvic floor muscles, adding progressive dynamic resistance.

Strengthening and toning these muscles may eliminate the need for expensive surgeries and incontinence products.

The pelvic muscles are those muscles that contract and create sexual stimulation during the female vaginal orgasm.

Stronger, healthier kegel muscles will produce a stronger, longer lasting and more satisfying female orgasm, increase the frequency and ease of achieving orgasm and increase the overall satisfaction of the female sexual experience.

The Kegelmaster is one of the most effective, proven, doctor recommended devices that can help you accomplish this.

Kegelmaster Testimonials

Kegelmaster exercises are by far the easiest exercises I have done and I already feel advantages of it.

Martha Wainwright, Los Angeles, CA U.S.A.
I have been diagnosed with a moderate uterine prolapse. The doctor has told me to do kegel exercises and when I contacted you(AmazingKegelMaster) I got a fast response. Kegel exercises with Kegelmaster helped me to strengthen my pelvic muscles. Now I don't have to do the surgery. I will recommend this product to every woman because it really works! Thanks a million!

Tina Nelson, Canada

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Every woman should have a Kegelmaster!
—  T e r i   H a t c h e r ,   actress

Kegelmaster exercises are by far the
easiest exercises I have done and I already
feel advantages of it.

—  Martha Wainwright, Los Angeles CA

When I heard about the Kegelmaster,
I thought well there's a way that I could
possibly improve my situation because
the doctor didn't seem to feel that another
surgery was the answer.

—  Anonymous

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What About The Warranty?

We offer a 100% life-time warranty for any Kegelmaster on our site.

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With any purchase over $100 you get:


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Use Kegelmaster to:

  • Improve your pelvic floor
  • Get rid of general incontinence
  • Alleviate and prevent stress incontinence
  • Prevent urge incontinence and overactive bladder-frequency
  • Get rid of pelvic pain
  • Help you with bladder prolapse and cystocele
  • Stop and prevent uterine prolapse, rectocele
  • Alleviate and stop sexual dysfunction
  • Achieve better sex life
  • Attain the maximum benefits from "kegel exercises"
Kegelmaster the world's first and only true progressive resistance kegel exerciser, with 15 adjustable strength settings, has been tested and recommended by leading luminaries in the field of female incontinence.

check Kegelmaster Imitations  - Warning!

The generic "Kegel Exerciser" is a poor imitation of our patented product, not possibly being able to work as well. More details about this and other competitive devices in the Discussion Forum.

Beware of cheap, ineffective, fraudulent imitations! If it does not have 15 strength settings and does not have a completely adjustable knob, it is not a genuine Kegelmaster. There is no technique or competitive product at any price that compares to the genuine Kegelmaster. There are other products such as vaginal weights and cones that are tedious to use, and there are conventional "kegel exercises", likewise tedious, but there is nothing to rival the Kegelmaster and slowly but surely the world is finding out!

check  Sexual Benefits - Published in First Magazine - The Miracle Sexercise Secret

Ready to feel more intense pleasure than you've ever imagined? This one simple flex will transform your sex life.
Here, the story of Rachel, 32, married six years, who swears by it.

Sex? Oh, it's fine (most of the time).

That's what Rachel, like a lot of women, used to say before she discovered a tiny exer cise that changed everything. "I always felt very confident in my ability to please my husband. But when it came to my own body, pleasure was a mystery. Sometimes - if we were too tired to give it the extra effort - I wouldn't climax at all.
"Two months after I started the Kegel exercises,
I began having intense all-body orgasms.

So when a friend told her that these pubococcygeus (PC) flexes, called Kegel exercises (which involve nothing more than squeezing that hold back urine), could make sex absolutely amazing, Rachel hit the Internet, eager to learn more. "I found out how easy it is to strengthen my muscles on my own," she says. "And just for fun, I also bought the Kegelmaster 2000. It's like a Stair-Master for your PC muscles." After only three weeks, Rachel noticed a huge improvement in her orgasms: "They felt a lot better, and I had them more often."

A bigger big 0

But the best was yet to come (literally!): "Just two months after I started the Kegel exercises, I began having these really intense all-body orgasms that were triggered by his thrusts," she reports. "With this new kind of orgasm, there's a pleasurable pressure that starts building, and as it increases, I feel like I can't keep going because it's too intense. But once I give in to that overwhelming feeling and continue, that's when I have these amazing, well, body spasms - and it just feels good beyond words."