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Toning the Pelvic Floor Muscles with Kegel Exercises

Tuesday, December 4th, 2012

Pelvic floor muscles can certainly stop the flow of urine. Factors such as pregnancy, childbirth and being overweight can lead to weak pelvic muscles. While for men, prostate surgery can weaken pelvic muscles. Weak pelvic muscles can cause you to leak urine. All is not lost because the pelvic muscles are just like any other muscle. Through constant exercises, they can become stronger. People who leak urine may have better control of these muscles by doing pelvic muscle exercises called Kegel exercises.

Which muscles control my bladder?
There are several layers of muscle stretched between your legs at the bottom of the pelvis. These muscles attach to the front, back and sides of the pelvic bones. Two pelvic muscles do most of the work. The biggest one stretches like a hammock. The other is shaped just like a triangle.

How do I exercise my pelvic muscles?
You can exercise almost anywhere and any time. To do Kegel exercise s, try to pull in or “squeeze” your pelvic muscles (as if you are trying to stop urine flow). Hold this squeeze for about 10 seconds, then rest for 10 seconds. Do sets of 10 to 20 contractions per day.

Be patient and continue to exercise. It takes time to strengthen the pelvic muscles, just like it takes time to improve the muscles in your arms, legs or abdomen. You may not notice any change in bladder control until after 6 to 12 weeks of daily exercises. Still, most women notice an improvement after just a few weeks.

These are the same muscles that you would use to try to stop the flow of urine. They are the muscles you will exercise and strengthen.


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Why You Shouldn’t Delay Getting the Amazing KegelMaster

Saturday, September 22nd, 2012

At first glance, people can easily think that the Amazing KegelMaster is just another kegel exerciser. This is unfortunate because if you try it and use it consistently, you will discover that the Amazing KegelMaster is what it really is….amazing.

The benefits from using the Amazing KegelMaster are too many to say however among them is the effective treatment for incontinence, greatly improves sensitivity during intimacy, strengthens pelvic floor muscles, helps the pelvic floor muscles recover more rapidly after childbirth and tones and tightens the vagina after childbirth.

Most women don’t do the pelvic floor exercises as recommended by their doctors or midwives, many don’t know where the kegel muscles are and the ones that do their exercises aren’t exercising them properly.

There is every chance of reversing a prolapse when it is in its early stage, with the help of a kegelmaster. Unfortunately some women wait until it is too late to take action and there is a point of no return after which surgery does become necessary.

The urge to urinate is more urgent at the time of menstruation, period pain is worse if the bowel is not emptied. The Amazing KegelMaster has been proven to help in the treatment of these and many other disorders.


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Want to get the Right Motivation for Doing Your Kegel Exercises?

Monday, May 7th, 2012

Allow Intensitytm to Do a Lot More Than Just Toning Your Pelvic Floor Muscles
Your pelvic floor muscles probably are the most famous ones when you talk about having an intense sexual response. In fact, these muscles play a very important part during orgasms and are instrumental in maintaining sexual interest.

What is sad however is the fact that your pelvic floor muscles get weak due to a number of factors including aging, menopause, pregnancy and obesity. Your muscles no longer remain firm and toned, which results in a number of health issues such as stress urinary incontinence, loss of bladder control, uterine prolapse and difficulty in maintaining orgasms.

The Kegel exercises are well-known for improving the strength of your pelvic floor muscles. Regular exercise will help you prevent and repair issues related to a weakened pelvic floor. All you need to do is design an exercise routine and follow it closely. Before you start with the Kegel exercises, it is important that you locate the right set of muscles.

Studies show that a large number of women do not perform the Kegel exercises correctly. They overwork the muscles in their abdomen, thighs and buttocks, which definitely does not help in strengthening the pelvic floor.

If you are new to the Kegel exercises, it is important that you train your muscles for rhythmic contraction and relaxation. This task is easy. You have to squeeze your pelvic floor muscles when you try to stop the flow of urine. You need to be careful while you attempt to do this. Try to breathe normally and do not contract the muscles in your thighs or buttocks.

It is not the force of contraction that is important. You need to master control over your muscles so that you can perform the Kegel exercises correctly. The muscles you use to stop the flow of urine are the same ones that will give you great sexual pleasure. Once you get familiar with the right set of muscles, you can perform the exercises by squeezing your muscles and then holding the position for about five to ten seconds.

After the set time interval, you should relax your muscles and then rest for about ten seconds before you contract the muscles again. Initially, you can do the exercises ten to fifteen times in a set and gradually increase the number of reps as you gain control over your muscles.

The contraction of your pelvic floor muscles is also related to g-spot stimulation. Since the Kegel exercises strengthen the muscles of your pelvic floor, you can restore muscle tone and tightness in the vagina. This is just one perk. The Kegel exercises offer numerous benefits including improved g-spot stimulation, enhanced sexual sensitivity, more frequent and long lasting orgasms and better bladder control.

By doing the Kegel exercises on a regular basis, you can increase the strength of your pelvic floor muscles without the need of surgery or medication.  Besides the sexual benefits, you also get an obvious feedback on stress incontinence and uterine prolapse.  The Kegel exercises improve your health and help prevent problems related to weakening of the pelvic floor.

If you think you are not doing your Kegel exercises in the right way, you can definitely seek help from IntensityTM. This device uses the principle of microcurrent stimulation to strengthen your pelvic floor. There is no need to worry whether or not you are doing your exercises correctly.

IntensityTM allows you to customize the device according to your comfort level. Since it does not slip or move out of position, you can gently stimulate the desired muscles to experience better and improved health.

The Kegel exercises are a lot easier to stick to if you use IntensityTM. What is interesting to note here is that you can combine muscle stimulation with perfect vibration to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. However, you can remove vibrator control if you only want to experience muscle stimulation. The device is designed keeping every woman in mind.

The adjustable unit ensures that it stays in proper position and you don’t experience any discomfort. There are absolutely no chemicals hazards related to the use of IntensityTM. The device is made using high quality medical grade silicone rubber that is safe and perfect for use.

You can take your time to get familiar with a particular level of muscle stimulation. The intensity of muscle stimulation can be increased when you truly enjoy your workout. What makes IntensityTM so popular is the fact that it works both as g-spot and clitoris stimulator. There are no complicated attachments and the device addresses all of your core health issues.

At first, you might not be very convinced about using the device but you will surely change your decision once your pelvic floor muscles regain their lost strength and tone. Like any other exercise or training session, you should continue using IntensityTM if you want to see more benefits.

Most women report improvement in the signs of stress urinary incontinence if they perform the Kegel exercises about three times every day. The good news is you can use IntensityTM regardless of your age, even if you feel you have become too old. You can sense the good old intensity even after so many years without the need of surgical intervention.

IntensityTM is gaining popularity among postmenopausal women to get rid of dry and thinning vaginal lining. The gentle massaging action of the device directs increased blood flow to the region which helps heal and repair the muscles of your pelvic floor. You no longer need to suffer from lack of orgasm or painful intercourse as these problems are effectively managed by the device called IntensityTM.

Strengthening the pelvic floor muscles may look an impossible task especially in the old age. What you need to understand here is the fact that you can effectively strengthen and tone your muscles at any age only if you are willing to make a move. So what are you waiting for? Let IntensityTM combine the benefits of the Kegel exercises with perfect muscle stimulation to make you feel good like never before.

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    Kegelmaster Instructions

    Make sure you lubricate the vaginal area with a water soluble natural lubricant and lubricate the Kegelmaster at the tip. Place the Kegelmaster between your thighs, insert the unit into your vaginal opening until it is firmly in place. You will notice this when the Kegelmaster feels much smaller and locks into place.

    Grasp your Kegelmaster firmly, you are now ready for your initial adjustment!! This is done by turning the knob at the top of the Kegelmaster counterclockwise - until the knob is no longer touching the top of the Kegelmaster and until you feel a slight pressure. This should not be uncomfortable.

    NOTE: If the knob is at the top of the Kegelmaster and you don't feel any pressure from the Kegelmaster putting resistance against the vaginal muscles, then you will have to add another spring. If you have the right tension, squeeze down against the Kegelmaster. If you are easily able to clamp down with your vaginal muscles completely for thirty reps (closings), remove the unit from your vagina and change the position of the spring, moving forward one pin (see Power Spring Combinations). If you are still able to easily close down all the way, for thirty reps - after insertion, then you must move the single spring back to the rear pin (1) and add a spring to the next forward pin (2), then repeat the process.

    Power Spring Combinations:

    1,2,3,4, 1*2, 1*3, 1*4, 2*4, 3*4, 1*2*3, 1*2*4, 1*3*4, 2*3*4, 1*2*3*4

    The ideal spring tension is determined by one's ability to close the Kegelmaster at the beginning of the exercise and become unable to close it completely at the end of 30 reps. This is not hard to do and it is a lot of fun to see how many of the springs you can squeeze for 30 reps, having difficulty with the last five. The exercise sequence starts with 3 sets of 30 reps daily. With each rep you attempt complete closure of the Kegelmaster, pausing in between each set of 30 reps for 3-5 seconds. It is recommended to work up to 6 sets of 30 reps a minimum of 3 times a week. An individual may do more sets, but it is not advisable to exceed 30 reps. A final fatigue of the muscle until the last rep is performed with very little vaginal movement is your goal. When you are finished, close the device before removing! Gently close the device, tighten the knob and slowly remove the Kegelmaster.

    Ideally, use the kegel exerciser twice a day, morning and evening. For women with prolapse, it is recommended to use the Kegelmaster in the morning to start with.

    For prolapse or any other medical condition, please consult your doctor before purchasing the Kegelmaster.

    The Kegelmaster is cleared and deemed effective by the FDA as a medical device for incontinence.

    We in no way intend to diagnose, treat or make any medical claims about the Kegelmaster.

    Cleaning the Kegelmaster is simple. Use an anti-bacterial cleaner after each use. Open device, remove springs, and use a small brush to reach all areas of the Kegelmaster. Dry and store for the next use.