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Do Things Look a Little Bit Different Down There?

Know How You Can Prevent and Repair Uterine Prolapse Using the Kegelmaster
Uterine prolapse is a common condition affecting women after childbirth and menopause. Characterized by the loss of control over bladder movements and reduced sex drive, women frequently seek surgical methods as the only feasible option to get rid of this debilitating situation.

Normally uterine prolapse occurs when the muscles of your pelvic floor become weak causing the organ to fall or drop in the vagina. One in every five postmenopausal women or those over the age of 50 generally suffers from uterine prolapse to some degree. Although this issue is serious, it is not discussed very often.

Not only weak pelvic floor muscles reduce your sex drive, they also have a negative impact on the strength and tone of muscles that control your bladder. You will be unable to have strong and successful orgasms. If the condition continues to progress, it also leads to other complications including stress urinary incontinence and lack of vaginal tightness.

You need to change your decision if you feel surgery is the only thing that will help you overcome these unwanted effects. You may use surgical methods to lift the organ up and secure it in place. However, it is seen that even after a successful surgery, you are likely to experience no improvement in sexual enjoyment.

This is not enough. A number of women also reported their problems to get even worse after surgery. You don’t need to worry after reading this. The good news is now you can prevent and repair uterine prolapse without the use of surgical methods. All you need to do is start working your pelvic floor muscles i.e. benefit from the Kegel exercises.

You will be surprised to know that these simple exercises are very effective to counter problems such as stress urinary incontinence. You can also prevent and repair uterine prolapse if you start a Kegel regime on regular basis.

Exercising your pelvic floor muscles for as little as five to ten minutes in a day can make a lot of difference. Not only you will regain control over your bladder, you can strengthen the muscles that hold your internal organs in place. You no longer need to accept uterine prolapse and urinary incontinence as a normal part of aging.

It is important that you find the right group of pelvic floor muscles if you want to experience maximum benefits of the Kegel exercises. You can try to stop the flow of urine to find the correct muscles. The muscles during the process are the ones you need to use for the Kegel exercises.

You should be able to feel the tightness as you squeeze the right set of muscles. However, you need to be careful as squeezing the wrong muscles can actually make your problems worse. You should stay calm and breathe normally taking care not to tighten the muscles in your thighs and buttocks.

Now when you have found out the right set of pelvic floor muscles, it is important that you brace yourself and prevent further damage to your muscles and internal organs. Just before you start your exercises, you should concentrate on your pelvic floor muscles and stick to your exercise regime.

The Kegel exercises can be done in any age regardless you are sexually active or not. The signs of bladder problems and weak muscles may not show immediately after pregnancy or menopause but you need to take care right from the start.

You will notice significant improvement in your bladder control and sexual pleasure as you continue with your exercise routine. These exercises work on the principle of squeeze – hold – release. You can squeeze your muscles and hold the position for about five to ten seconds. You should then release the hold and repeat the sequence after a short interval.

If you want to maximize the effectiveness of your exercise regime, you can use the Kegelmaster to strengthen your pelvic floor. The Kegelmaster is a special device that uses the principle of progressive resistance to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, which can get weak due to childbirth, menopause, aging and obesity.

The exact reason why the Kegelmaster is so effective is the fact that it applies targeted resistance to the desired group of muscles. This is particularly useful for women who are unable to find the right group of muscles.  You can also use the device if you are not sure whether or not you are doing the exercises correctly. You can adjust the device to level you are comfortable with. Since the Kegelmaster does not slip or move out of place, it helps recondition your weak muscles and makes them strong and healthy.

As you continue to use the device, you will see a marked improvement in your sexual response. You can enjoy more frequent and long lasting orgasms – a signal that your pelvic floor muscles are slowly regaining strength and returning back to normal. Regular use of the Kegelmaster also eliminates the need of surgery as your muscles are healed in a convenient and safe way.

The Kegelmaster has 15 levels of progressive resistance to tone your pelvic floor muscles and prevent them from getting weak again. You can start with lower resistance and gradually increase the level as you get familiar with the device and exercise routine. You don’t need to worry about materials used in this device. The Kegelmaster is made using high quality medical grade material that makes it perfectly safe for use.

You can increase the level of resistance to make the exercises more challenging and enjoyable. The principle of progressive resistance ensures that you get maximum benefits. The Kegelmaster effectively treats problems related to stress urinary incontinence and uterine prolapse. It also improves your sensitivity and gives you guaranteed satisfaction during foreplay.

You should not wait until it is too late to take control and manage uterine prolapse. Start using the Kegelmaster to enjoy your life the same way you did before. As you continue using your device, you will be glad that you made the right decision!



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    Kegelmaster Instructions

    Make sure you lubricate the vaginal area with a water soluble natural lubricant and lubricate the Kegelmaster at the tip. Place the Kegelmaster between your thighs, insert the unit into your vaginal opening until it is firmly in place. You will notice this when the Kegelmaster feels much smaller and locks into place.

    Grasp your Kegelmaster firmly, you are now ready for your initial adjustment!! This is done by turning the knob at the top of the Kegelmaster counterclockwise - until the knob is no longer touching the top of the Kegelmaster and until you feel a slight pressure. This should not be uncomfortable.

    NOTE: If the knob is at the top of the Kegelmaster and you don't feel any pressure from the Kegelmaster putting resistance against the vaginal muscles, then you will have to add another spring. If you have the right tension, squeeze down against the Kegelmaster. If you are easily able to clamp down with your vaginal muscles completely for thirty reps (closings), remove the unit from your vagina and change the position of the spring, moving forward one pin (see Power Spring Combinations). If you are still able to easily close down all the way, for thirty reps - after insertion, then you must move the single spring back to the rear pin (1) and add a spring to the next forward pin (2), then repeat the process.

    Power Spring Combinations:

    1,2,3,4, 1*2, 1*3, 1*4, 2*4, 3*4, 1*2*3, 1*2*4, 1*3*4, 2*3*4, 1*2*3*4

    The ideal spring tension is determined by one's ability to close the Kegelmaster at the beginning of the exercise and become unable to close it completely at the end of 30 reps. This is not hard to do and it is a lot of fun to see how many of the springs you can squeeze for 30 reps, having difficulty with the last five. The exercise sequence starts with 3 sets of 30 reps daily. With each rep you attempt complete closure of the Kegelmaster, pausing in between each set of 30 reps for 3-5 seconds. It is recommended to work up to 6 sets of 30 reps a minimum of 3 times a week. An individual may do more sets, but it is not advisable to exceed 30 reps. A final fatigue of the muscle until the last rep is performed with very little vaginal movement is your goal. When you are finished, close the device before removing! Gently close the device, tighten the knob and slowly remove the Kegelmaster.

    Ideally, use the kegel exerciser twice a day, morning and evening. For women with prolapse, it is recommended to use the Kegelmaster in the morning to start with.

    For prolapse or any other medical condition, please consult your doctor before purchasing the Kegelmaster.

    The Kegelmaster is cleared and deemed effective by the FDA as a medical device for incontinence.

    We in no way intend to diagnose, treat or make any medical claims about the Kegelmaster.

    Cleaning the Kegelmaster is simple. Use an anti-bacterial cleaner after each use. Open device, remove springs, and use a small brush to reach all areas of the Kegelmaster. Dry and store for the next use.