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Kegel Exercises

Doing kegel exercises and using ben-wa balls.

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25 Responses to “Kegel Exercises”

  1. Novelist6369 Says:

    My husband can tell …
    My husband can tell. I do it all the time.

  2. ThePresidentIsBlack Says:

    Kegels gave me a …
    Kegels gave me a Titanium hard erection, My dick now stands at a amazing 30 degree angle.

    = )

  3. itricke Says:

    how long does it …
    how long does it take?

  4. junebuggreen Says:

    Men can does these …
    Men can does these too! There’s an exercise pad called a Kegelpad. It’s online at kegelpad(.)com

  5. shiryet Says:

    i wish my wife …
    i wish my wife would do all this stuff for me D=

  6. eroticexpression Says:

    It’s just like …
    It’s just like tightening your body muscles when you exercise. Yes it becomes permanent ,but you have to take care of yourself and keep working with your muscles so that they stay toned, and keeps a tighter squeeze when your squeeze your vaginal walls around your partners penis.

  7. eroticexpression Says:

    yes, and your …
    yes, and your partner will be able to tell that you have become much tighter.

  8. loserloserlosers Says:

    Is there some way …
    Is there some way you can measure how tight your vagina is in order to know you’re making progress?

  9. babycakesjk Says:

    Most online sex …
    Most online sex shops have them.

  10. YouXKneekXIT Says:

    ;) I have read …
    ;) I have read about this at nauseum ;) Plus it just feelz so much betta ;0) I got the in to the out yo :0

  11. Dandy087 Says:

    Hmm.. PLEASE post …
    Hmm.. PLEASE post links where we can get these ben wa balls ;]

  12. hipmama715 Says:

    Question: Can you …
    Question: Can you hear them jiggling around when you walk?

  13. VampirePrincesa Says:

    will exercising …
    will exercising these muscles make it tighter during intercourse?

  14. eroticexpression Says:

    Thank you …
    Thank you KelferMookie, and you are so right. But for-real if that is how they feel the with them.

  15. KelferMookie Says:

    *sigh* Lady, please …
    *sigh* Lady, please disable your comments….Youtube is filled with too many ignorant immature people who can’t handle videos or the comment section.

  16. YellowLaLas Says:

    so does kegal …
    so does kegal exercises become a permanent thing or does it just a temporary thing?

  17. YellowLaLas Says:


  18. eroticexpression Says:

    you can do kegel …
    you can do kegel excersizes without the benwa balls. The balls are weights so it will help you tone faster. But you would hold, squeeze and then relax. Just like you would if you were holding your urine. :)

  19. Kippest Says:

    hey get a life. if …
    hey get a life. if you’re so avid about getting people to read a book why not get off youtube insulting people and pick one up yourself?

    she’s helping people have a more enjoyable and fruitful life, what have you done?

    as far as a superficial society, america has EUROPEAN roots. I say this because our euro ancestors were sexaholics, yet their society today is more successful than america in terms of equality/wealth distribution/happiness/weight and health problems.

  20. punkkimiko Says:

    so to do kegel …
    so to do kegel excersizes u need to insert those big things?! isnt there other ways without putting those in u? i dont think theyll fit without hurting me

  21. eroticexpression Says:

    I just did… and I …
    I just did… and I blocked him. Thank you! And thank you for watching.

  22. darkangelbj666 Says:

    you should delete …
    you should delete the comments he left. that person is just bring rude. And thanks for the video, i was looking online for these exercise and found this video and its very healthy.

  23. eroticexpression Says:

    LMAO!!! You wrote …
    LMAO!!! You wrote your intelligent, smart remarks 6 hours ago and now your back up on here two hours later… LOL!!! Yea… you must be learning something. But after watching my video’s over and over then you should know that the topic about urine during sex was emailed to me…. GOT IT!

  24. eroticexpression Says:

    Thank you for …
    Thank you for calling me intelligent… But help me to understand something.. If you don’t like the video then why do you keep looking at it… It’s simple, if you don’t like it, then don’t look at it….

  25. eroticexpression Says:

    I feel bad for you …
    I feel bad for you that you have no clue. In addition ignorance is really showing with you to even have a comment about how kids will be in jail by the time they are 18 just because they are learning things like how to put a condom on, about being sexually informed. Youre the one that we all should be laughing at for having such a shallow mind!

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    Make sure you lubricate the vaginal area with a water soluble natural lubricant and lubricate the Kegelmaster at the tip. Place the Kegelmaster between your thighs, insert the unit into your vaginal opening until it is firmly in place. You will notice this when the Kegelmaster feels much smaller and locks into place.

    Grasp your Kegelmaster firmly, you are now ready for your initial adjustment!! This is done by turning the knob at the top of the Kegelmaster counterclockwise - until the knob is no longer touching the top of the Kegelmaster and until you feel a slight pressure. This should not be uncomfortable.

    NOTE: If the knob is at the top of the Kegelmaster and you don't feel any pressure from the Kegelmaster putting resistance against the vaginal muscles, then you will have to add another spring. If you have the right tension, squeeze down against the Kegelmaster. If you are easily able to clamp down with your vaginal muscles completely for thirty reps (closings), remove the unit from your vagina and change the position of the spring, moving forward one pin (see Power Spring Combinations). If you are still able to easily close down all the way, for thirty reps - after insertion, then you must move the single spring back to the rear pin (1) and add a spring to the next forward pin (2), then repeat the process.

    Power Spring Combinations:

    1,2,3,4, 1*2, 1*3, 1*4, 2*4, 3*4, 1*2*3, 1*2*4, 1*3*4, 2*3*4, 1*2*3*4

    The ideal spring tension is determined by one's ability to close the Kegelmaster at the beginning of the exercise and become unable to close it completely at the end of 30 reps. This is not hard to do and it is a lot of fun to see how many of the springs you can squeeze for 30 reps, having difficulty with the last five. The exercise sequence starts with 3 sets of 30 reps daily. With each rep you attempt complete closure of the Kegelmaster, pausing in between each set of 30 reps for 3-5 seconds. It is recommended to work up to 6 sets of 30 reps a minimum of 3 times a week. An individual may do more sets, but it is not advisable to exceed 30 reps. A final fatigue of the muscle until the last rep is performed with very little vaginal movement is your goal. When you are finished, close the device before removing! Gently close the device, tighten the knob and slowly remove the Kegelmaster.

    Ideally, use the kegel exerciser twice a day, morning and evening. For women with prolapse, it is recommended to use the Kegelmaster in the morning to start with.

    For prolapse or any other medical condition, please consult your doctor before purchasing the Kegelmaster.

    The Kegelmaster is cleared and deemed effective by the FDA as a medical device for incontinence.

    We in no way intend to diagnose, treat or make any medical claims about the Kegelmaster.

    Cleaning the Kegelmaster is simple. Use an anti-bacterial cleaner after each use. Open device, remove springs, and use a small brush to reach all areas of the Kegelmaster. Dry and store for the next use.