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Kegel Exercises Now Get the Right Intensity

Discover How IntensityTM Helps You Find the Secret to Intense Orgasms
Kegel exercises work on the muscles of your pelvic floor to give you better orgasms, but discovering the right moves to experience intense pleasure remains a mystery. Well to begin with, there has been a lot of debate over the stimulation of the g-spot and its effects on female arousal. Talking about the location, your g-spot starts from top of the cervix and continues to the back of your pubic bone.

Those of you, who are lucky to experience increased sensitivity, will be able to tell the secret to better orgasms. Your pelvic floor muscles play an important part to give you the much-needed stimulation hence, give you pleasure beyond the limits you have imagined. Women who do not have strong pelvic floor muscles are concerned about their susceptibility to weak or practically no orgasms.

Pregnancy, childbirth, menopause and obesity cause the muscles of the pelvic floor, particularly those in the vagina, to get weak. As the muscles continue to weaken, you will see your ability and intensity of orgasms to reduce simultaneously. If you don’t do anything to work or exercise your muscles, it will hurt you even more.

You can develop conditions such as stress urinary incontinence and bladder prolapse when your pelvic floor muscles weaken. You don’t need to worry if you suffer from the same. Now you can exercise your muscles to adjust them to shape that suits you. Stimulating the internal muscles of your pelvic region can provide relief in the form of improved bladder control, stronger vaginal muscles and most importantly, improved health.

In simple words, your orgasms become stronger as you continue to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. The question here, is how you can achieve better stimulation with help of strong muscles in the pelvic floor? One of the important factors that determine your success is locating the right set of muscles you need to exercise.

Mastering the Kegel technique takes some time, as you need to do the exercises in a way that actually helps you. Repetitive stimulation of the right areas gives you the special feel. You will definitely appreciate your efforts and continue the exercises with even more enthusiasm. It is also worth to work on g-spot stimulation to improve your vaginal response.

Most women acknowledge this area to give them the feeling of intense pleasure. Stimulation of the g-spot is also known to play an important part during foreplay and satisfying intercourse. Once you know the right spot, you can stimulate it more efficiently to achieve scintillating orgasms.

Unfortunately, the muscles of your pelvic floor and g-spot remain hidden deep inside your body, which makes it a little bit difficult to find them. IntensityTM is created specially to stimulate your muscles just where you need to. The result is muscles with a better tone and greater flexibility. Besides the sexual benefits, this stimulation is effective in preventing problems such as vaginal and uterine prolapse.  These conditions normally occur when your pelvic floor muscles are weak.

IntensityTM hits the g-spot directly giving you a combination of vaginal muscle training and better orgasms. You can adjust the warming and tingling sensations of the device to get the sensation you prefer. The best thing about IntensityTM is that you can vary the intensity level to match the sensations your body produces naturally.

You can improve your ability to produce successful g-spot orgasms when you learn to contract the muscles of your pelvic floor. If you practice the Kegel exercises, you can prevent your vaginal lining from getting thin. Thinner vaginal lining makes an intercourse more painful as you are unable to achieve the desired contact.

You can identify your pelvic floor muscles when you try to stop the flow of urine. You should be able to feel your muscles getting tight as you squeeze them. You can release the muscles and learn how to gain control over them. The Kegel exercises work on the principle of contract – hold – release. After you have found your baseline, you can increase the repetition and duration of exercise to work your pelvic floor muscles.

You can try these exercises three to four times in a day with ten reps making each set. You should do these exercises with an empty bladder and avoid pushing yourself too much. The stimulation you receive with IntensityTM helps tighten and tone your vaginal muscles.

The device works by creating mild micro current that causes your muscles to contract in rhythmic fashion. Studies show that muscle stimulation helps repair and strengthen the weak muscles. You can then achieve more intense orgasms when you use the device. This is because stronger vaginal muscles result in more intense orgasms that also last for a long time.

Since every woman is different, you can adjust IntensityTM to the size you prefer. The device is made using high quality silicone rubber that comes with a hand pump. You can use the pump to inflate the rubber and there is no chance that the device slips away from position. IntensityTMis designed in a way that the g-spot stimulator remains properly positioned for maximum results.

You can be 100% stress free when you use IntensityTM as it is made using high quality medical grade material. Since it tones and strengthens your muscles, your partner too will feel more pleasure and excitement. Its unique design is perfect for foreplay and helps achieve more frequent orgasms. You need to insert the device when powered off and then use the keys to start the stimulation.

If you perform the Kegel exercises on a regular basis, you will definitely want to try this device as it is combination of g-spot stimulator, clitoris stimulator and most importantly, a Kegel exerciser. Your exercise routine is going to give you more benefits as your muscles will be strengthened and toned in a much better way.  You deserve the right to enjoy your life to the fullest, so it is the perfect time you try IntensityTM to get rid of weak pelvic floor muscles for good.


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    Kegelmaster Instructions

    Make sure you lubricate the vaginal area with a water soluble natural lubricant and lubricate the Kegelmaster at the tip. Place the Kegelmaster between your thighs, insert the unit into your vaginal opening until it is firmly in place. You will notice this when the Kegelmaster feels much smaller and locks into place.

    Grasp your Kegelmaster firmly, you are now ready for your initial adjustment!! This is done by turning the knob at the top of the Kegelmaster counterclockwise - until the knob is no longer touching the top of the Kegelmaster and until you feel a slight pressure. This should not be uncomfortable.

    NOTE: If the knob is at the top of the Kegelmaster and you don't feel any pressure from the Kegelmaster putting resistance against the vaginal muscles, then you will have to add another spring. If you have the right tension, squeeze down against the Kegelmaster. If you are easily able to clamp down with your vaginal muscles completely for thirty reps (closings), remove the unit from your vagina and change the position of the spring, moving forward one pin (see Power Spring Combinations). If you are still able to easily close down all the way, for thirty reps - after insertion, then you must move the single spring back to the rear pin (1) and add a spring to the next forward pin (2), then repeat the process.

    Power Spring Combinations:

    1,2,3,4, 1*2, 1*3, 1*4, 2*4, 3*4, 1*2*3, 1*2*4, 1*3*4, 2*3*4, 1*2*3*4

    The ideal spring tension is determined by one's ability to close the Kegelmaster at the beginning of the exercise and become unable to close it completely at the end of 30 reps. This is not hard to do and it is a lot of fun to see how many of the springs you can squeeze for 30 reps, having difficulty with the last five. The exercise sequence starts with 3 sets of 30 reps daily. With each rep you attempt complete closure of the Kegelmaster, pausing in between each set of 30 reps for 3-5 seconds. It is recommended to work up to 6 sets of 30 reps a minimum of 3 times a week. An individual may do more sets, but it is not advisable to exceed 30 reps. A final fatigue of the muscle until the last rep is performed with very little vaginal movement is your goal. When you are finished, close the device before removing! Gently close the device, tighten the knob and slowly remove the Kegelmaster.

    Ideally, use the kegel exerciser twice a day, morning and evening. For women with prolapse, it is recommended to use the Kegelmaster in the morning to start with.

    For prolapse or any other medical condition, please consult your doctor before purchasing the Kegelmaster.

    The Kegelmaster is cleared and deemed effective by the FDA as a medical device for incontinence.

    We in no way intend to diagnose, treat or make any medical claims about the Kegelmaster.

    Cleaning the Kegelmaster is simple. Use an anti-bacterial cleaner after each use. Open device, remove springs, and use a small brush to reach all areas of the Kegelmaster. Dry and store for the next use.