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Sex Ed? an Observation?

I have observed that there are an unbelievable amount of questions on here that have to do with Sex, Periods, Orgasms, personal hygiene……
It makes me believe that sex ed in the US is virtually non-existent!
Don’t you think as parents we have a responsibility to tell our children about these things?
Without getting into too much detail, we can explain to our daughter that if they miss a period and have had sex, they might be pregnant.
We can tell our sons how to respect women in bed…
We can teach our children how to properly clean ALL areas of their body…..
If we are parents… we’ve probably had sex and know how it is supposed to work (and mostly what doesn’t work)
Why are parents so uptight and frightened to talk to their children about things that obviously weigh heavily on their minds?

What’s your take?

I think lots of parents don’t provide an environment where the kid feels safe asking these questions – or they are embarrassing questions to the kids & they don’t want the parents know they are thinking about this stuff. It is sad that our kids are scared to come to us – but at least now there are forums for them to ask & they will hopefully get more right answers than wrong ones. We need to start talking to our kids early in simple terms & let them know they can come to us w/anything & we will be there to listen & help.


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15 Responses to “Sex Ed? an Observation?”

  1. AnswerBot5000 Says:

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  2. Preggers w/#1 Says:

    I know it’s like people (or kids) don’t have a clue when they get on here and ask silly questions like I just answered!!!! I’m not talking about the Sex Ed question! (Sorry for confusion) I answered one where someone was asking "if a guy ejaculates in me and I was ovulating could I be pregnant" ! duh! Again, sorry for the confusion!!!
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  3. DIXIEMS Says:

    i am twenty four and had no sex ed of course i was pregnant at 17 yes i believe that there should be a MANDATORY CLASS for it children don’t know what they are getting into
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  4. Arielle© Says:

    I agree.
    I mean, of course we all have questions sometimes, but yes, we can explain the necessary points.
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  5. arhoden76 Says:

    I agree with you completely. I can’t tell you how many times I have had the EXACT same thoughts. I have 11 year old twin daughters and I have told them about sex and puberty, etc. But they have told me that their friends’ parents have never had the "talk" with them. Crazy!?!
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  6. roxiecat4200 Says:

    My son is 7 and knows about sex…he thinks it’s gross=)
    I was going to wait a little longer but he asked me a question and I wanted to be open and honest with him.
    We live in a society that is often afraid to speak to their children openly about sex…it’s private and we have been told it’s dirty.
    Some parents are in the dark about the sexual activity of their children and honestly believe they will wait until married…and as much as we all wish that were true of our children we need to get real!
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  7. ♥ I'm Luvin Life Says:

    It’s true. But a lot of kids don’t care. They are inconsiderate, disrespectful, and they never really care if they learn or not. I never said ALL kids. I said MOST kids. That’s the problem. They just DON’T LISTEN. They have this voice in their heads that say, "Oh, it’ll never happen to me!" or something like that. And a lot of girls are embarrassed to talk about their periods to their moms because they don’t have a good relationship with their moms. This is the only place they have.
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  8. Bre♥ Says:

    b/c they know that their kidz are growin up and they are scared to face realtiy and understand that they cant alwayz hide stuff from their kidz b/c now with song and stuff now it is just going to be way easier for kids to hear. and you cant alwayz like to then and you can but it off by saying i will tell u when your older becasue that is not going to work then they will be tell u every day so u just might as well tell then face on.
    i hope that u understand
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  9. The Writer, Cornelious Says:

    My school never had a sex ed… It was a one time, half hour long thing. They spent 30 seconds on sex and then just carried on about how to deal with cramps and stuff for the next 29 minutes and 30 seconds. But, kids in sex ed are too scared to ask these embarrassing questions in front of a group and would much rather just (anonymously) ask these questions here.
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  10. ang_phx Says:

    I think lots of parents don’t provide an environment where the kid feels safe asking these questions – or they are embarrassing questions to the kids & they don’t want the parents know they are thinking about this stuff. It is sad that our kids are scared to come to us – but at least now there are forums for them to ask & they will hopefully get more right answers than wrong ones. We need to start talking to our kids early in simple terms & let them know they can come to us w/anything & we will be there to listen & help.
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  11. bakk_mitchum Says:

    It’s scary really. I have 3 children. My oldest is 6. I have started to tell her small things. I’m trying my hardest to ingrain in her head to finish highschool, go to college get married, then have children. I just bring it up lightly in conversation here and there. I hope it sticks with her. I most certainly will be explaining sex, pregnancy, diseases, and so on.

    Parents need to wake up and raise their kids.

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  12. Jbuns Says:

    Parents need to be talking to their kids about sex, about their bodies, about respect…all of it. I think the problem is that parents are expecting a sex ed class to inform their kids. But really, most sex ed happens too late. There needs to be an ongoing dialogue between parents and their kids from the get go. My son is 5 and we talk about his body but in terms he can understand such as his body is private and is not for anyone else to see or touch just as he should not ask to see or touch anyone else’s body (curious kids!). I plan to continue this kind of dicussion always adding information that is age appropriate. I hope that this will result in an informed and communicative child.
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  13. d Says:

    i think when i was 12 my mom told me to tell her when i started having sex so she could get me on the pill! that was all i got from my mom.
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  14. Kypi Says:

    my parents never told me anything, they said if i ever have questions, or want to talk about sex, ask… but i never did.
    (well that was my mom). Yeah, talk to your kids if they have questions… if they dont… dont force it down their throats. :) tell them that it is normal/ better to wait AT LEAST untill your out of your teens/ ,married for sex. so many are confused about
    "im thirteen and havent had sex.. everyone else has OMG?! AHH"

    take respnosibility and tell them
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  15. lil_baby_girl2313 Says:

    i think most kids do get taught but they dont always completely understand. I know your probably thinking that we should just ask our parents but do you know how uncomfortable that is for most teens/preteens.Asking people who we will probably never see or know is a lot lees embarrassing.
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